04 06 2013 webcam

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04 06 2013 webcam

The snow has now gone and all the roads and pathways in Fowey are clear. Perhaps try a different browser - though ithe webcam should work just fine with all major browsers Looks rather pleasant, hope the wearher stays for your visit. We have had recent water ingress in the housing and some cabling issues. Rest assured our head team member is travelling to Cornwall tomorrow. So, Pete and Blue, please feel free to go and use another webcam. Lovely place, but not a great advert for the area really.But do us all a favour and stop leaving arrogant and rude comments, and let us get on with fixing the webcam for those people that appreciate it. If you are going to do stuff online, at least make sure it works.There are cameras watching us everywhere these days whether we like it or not, we don't have a choice. Growing up, I spent all my holidays in Bodinnick and was there again this summer with three young children.We ought to be much more worried about the government and business continually tracking us on our phones and the internet than a small insignificant webcam! As one who has used this webcam often, you are are talking rubbish. So it was lovely to be transported back in the autumn thanks to the wonders of the web. Almost immediately, I found in the evening that someone was deliberately moving the focus up to the bedrooms of the OFI, where you could see what the people inside were doing.But it will only zoom to the locations we have chosen, to avoid private property. How is it that the Zoom function seems to be in use even though the option is not available. The camera just seems to have gone mad at the moment, turning side to side & up and down, plus even though the zoom is off at the moment, randomly zooming in and out !I have watched in home in on several locations over the last 15 minuets or so, some examples have appeared on the hourly stills. I've had a look and there are 4 people connected at the moment, so it may be just others mucking around clicking on the presets at random. Love the camera, often in Fowey but nice to look in when not there. Just to let you know, the zoom hasn't stopped working.As for the weather, I'm afraid I'm not in Fowey at the moment, but I'm sure someone local can comment :-)Hi Peter, your last comment didn't post, probably due to our new anti-robot feature!The camera will still zoom, if using the preset view options.

There is no pre-programmed setting for such a close-up view of the OFI, so it was clearly deliberate, and no way of knowing who was doing it.

You have a whole new set of we fans- Hi to SWW, and its contractors, who are using the webcam to monitor their emergency works on the slip.

The slip's closed to the public but some are still getting in!

The preset locations include Ferrymans Cottage Deck, the Bodinnick Ferry Slipway, the Old Ferry Inn Pub, the Bodinnick Phonebox, Daphne De Mauriers old house, the Station Road Slipway and Mixtow. Would it help if we all chipped in with a contribution towards the cost of a new one? St Austell Claycutters baseball club meet every Thursday at 6.30pm at Fowey River Academy for training. Forgive this old gals tapping on my I pad, but hoping you are well,and happy, I like to look in on your web cam, and see how weather etcis , byee,love from Swindon x x x Hi Sharon, Sorry, we are not in the locality today.

A Google Map of the viewable locations is available my wife and I holidayed in No 2 Station Road for many years. I hear the news about Fowey from Sheila but I love to look at your webcam and see the view which we loved wheb we stayed there. I did find this local twitter report which suggests the roads will be fine; Good News!! I just checked using Safari browser and all seems ok! This webcam is a free service, and we work hard to keep it going, so that everyone can use it. We don't restrict public use, but we do expect users to be polite and considerate, unlike the previous two comments.

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Yes, we are all watched by CCTV by the police and private security firms, and there are pros and cons to that, but this is another league how would you feel if you discovered that any voyeur in the world could anonymously go online and manipulate the CCTV cameras near your home to follow the every move of you and your family? Funny how WE have to suffer the indignity of being caught on 1000's of public CCTV cameras, without recourse, and yet the innocent pleasure of the River Fowey at Bodinnick and its immediate surroundings now has to be denied us...