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You’d have even more reason to believe this if there is more than one ex with a red cross through her name.It is definitely a green light and promising sign if he’s interested in what you have to say.Most guys will appear interested, but you can tell if he really is or not by how he responds.Someone who’s genuinely interested will show that they understand what you’re talking about and even ask follow-up questions.He doesn’t have to totally forget about himself just to cater to the needs of others, but a bit of thoughtfulness never hurt anybody!

Domestic violence can impact any one at any time, regardless or background, socio-economic status, and relationship history.

For this reason, it's critical to raise awareness of these abusive behaviors that typically impact teens and young adults.

With education, Waypoint can help the community easily identify these signs and help prevent future acts of domestic violence.

But you should also stay alert if your date talks about how much they can’t stand their ex, and how they’re never talking to their ex again.

Behavior like this suggests they had a really bad break up, which might mean that your date was just unlucky in the past, or it could mean that they’re a difficult and immature person.

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We know that a guy who can’t stop talking about his ex is fishy, and one who gets caught lying once usually isn’t trustworthy.