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I suggest their specialty, tacos tapatios — which is rolled and fried tacos doused in crema and topped with cabbage and tomatoes!

Nodosaurid ancestors of are first found in Middle Jurassic (about 176 million to 161 million years ago) deposits of Europe, though they are mostly known from the Early Cretaceous (about 146 million to 100 million years ago), and some survived to the end of the Cretaceous.

Sir Simon Rattle conductor Peter Sellars director Lucy Crowe Vixen Gerald Finley Forester Sophia Burgos Fox, Chocholka Peter Hoare Schoolmaster, Cock, Mosquito Jan Martiník Badger, Parson Hanno Müller-Brachmann Haraschta Paulina Malefane Forester's Wife, Owl, Woodpecker Anna Lapkovskaja Mrs Pasek, Dog Jonah Halton Pasek Irene Hoogveld Jay London Symphony Chorus LSO Discovery Voices Simon Halsey chorus director David Lawrence chorus master Lucy Griffiths chorus master Ben Zamora lighting designer Nick Hillel & Adam Smith (Yeast Culture) video designers Hans Georg Lenhart assistant director Two of the boldest minds in music and theatre come together for their third collaboration – a new semi-staged production of Janáček’s masterful opera.

The partnership between Sir Simon Rattle and director Peter Sellars is fast becoming a highlight of the cultural calendar.

Nodosaurids lacked the tail club of ankylosaurids, and their skulls were generally not as short or broad, nor was the skull covered with protective plates (scutes).

– The Everhart Museum and Geisinger Community Medical Center (GCMC) are using modern technology to bring life to a centuries-old Peruvian mummy that has been taken out of storage to be briefly featured in the exhibition Preserved: Traditions of the Andes. Other than that, very little is known about the mummy although it has been identified as belonging to the Paracas culture one of the oldest cultures of South America dating back to 800 – 100 B. Through the study of the mummy and the objects on view, the exhibition will also focus on the topic of preservation and the science behind it as well as addressing issues that face indigenous Andean communities today.

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The front legs were much smaller than the hind legs, and the back was strongly arched.

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