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Accommodating my

This information is better to obtain early on to give your caterers plenty of time to craft recipes, order food, and prep their team.

Plan for a wide variety of food right from the beginning, especially if you know many of your guests have restrictions.

The ciliary muscle, ciliary zonules and lens capsule keep the lens suspended in its proper position inside the eye for clear vision.

In a normal eye (without presbyopia or cataracts), this dynamic process of accommodation adjusts the focusing power of the eye by changing the thickness of the eye's natural lens.

Whether it's peanuts, gluten or eggs, eating out when you have food allergies can feel more like a game of dodgeball you may never win.

"Most restaurants present allergy information in a static table format categorized only by the most common eight allergen groups," Gipsee co-founder Dilip Chopra said.

There is no need to tack on an extra gluten-free pan of food if only one person will eat it.

This allows you to save money while still accommodating the one guest.

Talk to the event venue or your special event caterers ahead of time to ensure that all items are properly labeled.

These labels need to include basic ingredients and highlight common allergens, such as dairy, wheat, nuts, or seafood.

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If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with Celebrations Catering Culinary Team!

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