Accommodating resistance training machines

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Accommodating resistance training machines

It also means that a greater acceleration phase will allow for greater average velocities to be achieved and therefore greater average power outputs for a given percentage of 1rm Accommodating resistance is a good way to teach an athlete what it feels like to aggressively accelerate a bar.Often young, relatively low trained athletes do not know what it means to exert a force into the bar.Each cam for individual machines are designed for the specific exercise for which the machine is meant to be used.Nautilus equipment, designed by Arthur Jones, are examples of cam machines that provide variable resistance.One of the safest ways to teach this without having them perform a one-rep max is through the usage of chains, .The chains allow for much more stability than bands (when set up properly), and teach the athlete to drive the bar upward without having to load the deep positions (typically weakest point) of the squat.Accommodating resistance allows the proper loading through all ranges of motion, without having to jeopardize your weak positions.The brand's name comes from the shape of the cam, which is shaped like a nautilus shell.

No matter how you twist it, whether it is at the top of the movement or the bottom, you are going to be leaving some level of strength (maximal tension) on the table unless you have some sort of isokinetic device.

This is where accommodating resistance can play a large role.

Accommodating resistance can actually increase the amount of time the bar acceleration occurs for.

Actually, the intellectual and phisiological basis is not all that tough to explain (as I’ll attempt below).

The driver behind the development of motorized equipment is to make the training more efficient while maintaining safety and control of progression.

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Make plans to head out to the ATX next spring, where I’ll be demoing the ARXFit equipment and speaking about Efficient Exercise’s HIIRT style of training at the PFX13 symposium.

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