Accomodating cuts dating two different people

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An employee is not entitled to the “perfect” or even her first choice of accommodation.The solution must work for both the employee and the employer.It seems like I’ve opened a Bed & Breakfast this summer—every week my house has been full with out- of- town guests.But I enjoy being a host, and I like to share my home and make my guests feel welcome by cooking for them.The case law describes many things that an employer is not required to do.

Nova Salon is located in Iowa City, but our clients drive from all over to see us.

In this case, the employer’s process for accommodating such employees by providing them access to other jobs (even if those jobs were preferred positions) satisfied its duty to accommodate.

An employers’ obligations are significant and require managers to clearly demonstrate their attempts to accommodate the employee.

The various meat cuts are also stored in separate facilities with respect to our various religious groups and their preferences.

Our head butcher sources only the best cuts possible at exceptionally competitive prices.

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