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It is reasonable to provide some extra assistance to a customer with a disability when needed, even during busy periods when other customers are waiting.When only one staff person is on duty, it may or may not be possible for him or her to assist a customer with a disability.A woman using a wheelchair is trying on clothes in a dressing room. A clothing store may need to relax a policy of permitting only one person at a time in a dressing room for a person with a disability who is shopping with a companion and needs the companion’s assistance in order to try on clothes.A store that requires a driver's license as identification for paying by check may need to accept an alternative form of identification from a customer with a disability that disqualifies him or her from getting a license, such as a state-issued picture ID for non-drivers.

Both studies looked at different types of jobs, including labor, operational, managerial, clerical and service areas.

Many studies have shown that people with disabilities take less absent days, and that they are more likely to stay on the job longer than non-disabled workers.

Recently, The Chicago Lighthouse studied the retention rate of employees in its Illinois Tollway Customer Care Center, which employs people who are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans (as well as people without disabilities.) On average, the employees with vision loss or other disabilities and Veterans had a retention rate of 1.7 years.

A store employee may need to help an older customer using a walker or someone with limited use of his hands or arms, by carrying a bulky item to the store's check-out counter.

A restaurant may need to assist a customer who is unable to use both hands to cut his or her food, by cutting the food into bite-sized pieces.

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