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Amy ray emily saliers dating

Ray and Saliers have permeated the LGBT community with their activism since first hitting the scene.

Both women have inspired change throughout the world in regards to equal rights, women’s rights, environmental causes and Native rights (a cause very close to Ray’s heart being part Native American herself).

How important a role do your fans play in the music you ultimately release? Well, on a lot of records they play probably a big role because the show is sort of really dependent on the energy of the audience, you know.Our sound man mixed it and it was like a real family project.I think that’s what feels good about being independent – when you have a release day like this, you feel really good with everything that went into it and all of your friends helped out. Your fans can’t wait to hear the new album and experience the journey with you and Emily [Saliers].The Indigo Girls are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, two folk musicians known around the world for their ethereal harmonies and gritty sincerity.Audiences at Macky can expect to hear symphonic arrangements of of the Girls’ greatest hits, such as “Closer to Fine,” “Galileo” and “Least Complicated,” and a handful of songs off their latest album, “One Lost Day.” Saliers describes “One Lost Day” as a diary of the last four years disguised as a travelogue.

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Their biggest hit, “Closer to Fine,” has become an unofficial anthem for millions of gay men and lesbians who grew up grappling with their sexuality.