An error occurred while validating hresult setup project andy baldwin dating marla maples

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It turns out you need something like this sample: The arguments are fragile and you must specify the path of the sln file first, then /Project specifies the path to the vdproj file (which is a part of the solution), then other switches which are documented HERE.

If you get anything slightly wrong then all you get is the devenv help display.

I can gather the necessary resources manually and the application runs fine.

Hello everyone, I’ve had a few cases already, where our customers came across a rare problem: They were building Visual Studio Installer projects with Team Build of Team Foundation Server 2010 and the build failed with the error: “An error occurred while validating. When running the build process again, it usually succeeded.

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It appears that the mysql-connector/Net solution has been built for use with .

To verify that it was somehow related to the Zebra SDK, I build another very simple application that includes the SDK and get the same error.

I followed a number of threads on this error from Google but nothing that has been relevant.

--------------------Subject: Error code in building VB. Net Setup project Date: Thu, -0000Hello, I've created a fresh VB. When I build the project I get the following error message: ERROR: An error occurred while validating.

As I mentioned in a different blog post, support for vdproj (Visual Studio setup) projects was removed in VS2010, then it quietly returned as an optional extension for VS2013.

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Net 4.0 which is still in beta (admittedly only for the next few days).