Antique upright piano dating

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Antique upright piano dating

Zimmermann pianos are one of the most celebrated pianos on the musical instrument market.Despite the fact that the company was purchased from its original founders and manufacturers, the brand still caries the legacy of fine craftsmanship and beautiful musical qualities that has made the company famous from the beginning.Modern Zimmermann pianos are now being produced in Saxony (where the Bechstein company has regrouped their production facilities) as where all other Bechstein instruments are manufactured.(see link above) Modern Day Production At present, Zimmermann pianos still upholds the age-old tradition of training craftsmen in a three-year program, which in turn, makes them a master of basic piano building.The toy pianos have a varying number of octaves depending on the model.While a full size piano has seven and a half octaves, the Schoenhut will have from one and a half to three.There were many different pianos manufactured over the years by Schoenhut.

John Dahl, a buyer for John Wanamaker, heard of the amazing work that Schoenhut did and brought him to Philadelphia.

He gave him the job of repairing the imported German toy pianos which had been broken during shipping. The Schoenhut Piano Company was begun in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1872.

Soon more instruments and other toys were added and by 1900 Schoenhut Piano Company was the largest manufacturer of toys in the United States.

Each key is chromatically tuned and able to create true notes.

The keys are correctly spaced on the keyboard so that proper finger placement is learned even in play.

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