Apco liquidating

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Apco liquidating

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Gaupp, Assistant United States Attorney, Baton Rouge, LA, for United States Environmental Protection Agency. Brown, Gordon Arata Mc Collam Duplantis & Eagan LLP, David W. ("Shaw") in connection with a dispute in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

The documents the EPA continues to withhold from the Liquidating Trustee comprise Shaw employees' technical drawings, draft documents and email messages relating to its recommendation. The privilege is intended to foster candid communication among government agency personnel concerned that their every remark might become "front page news" or discoverable. Klamath Water Users Protective Ass'n, The privilege also applies to communications of non-government contractors or consultants directly involved with the internal agency decision-making process. -------------------------------- PRIVILEGE LOG PRIVILEGED DOCUMENT NO. PAGES -------------------------------- 1 All -------------------------------- 2 All -------------------------------- 3 All -------------------------------- 4 All -------------------------------- 5 All -------------------------------- 6 All -------------------------------- 7 All -------------------------------- 8 All -------------------------------- 9 All -------------------------------- 10 All -------------------------------- 11 All -------------------------------- 12 All -------------------------------- 14 All -------------------------------- 16 Page 219 only -------------------------------- 18 Pages 225-231 -------------------------------- 19 Pages 233-242 -------------------------------- 24 Pages 363-372 -------------------------------- 25 Pages 626-641 -------------------------------- 26 Pages 669-684 -------------------------------- 27 Pages 712-727, 809-822 -------------------------------- 28 Pages 847-862 -------------------------------- 29 Pages 962-978 -------------------------------- 31 Pages 1069-1083 -------------------------------- 32 Pages 1111-1126, 1153-1168 -------------------------------- 34 Pages 1333-1342 -------------------------------- 36 Pages 1390-1405 -------------------------------- 37 Pages 1432-1447 -------------------------------- 38 All -------------------------------- 39 All -------------------------------- 40 All -------------------------------- 42 Page 1696 only -------------------------------- 44 Pages 1726-1732 -------------------------------- 46 Pages 1762-1763 -------------------------------- 51 Pages 1797-1806 -------------------------------- 52 Pages 1833-1848 -------------------------------- 53 Pages 1876-1891 -------------------------------- 54 Pages 1915-1931 -------------------------------- 55 Pages 1960-1977 -------------------------------- 56 Pages 2004-2021 -------------------------------- 57 Pages 2041-2050 -------------------------------- 58 Page 2136 only -------------------------------- 66 Pages 2544-2560 -------------------------------- 67 Pages 2583-2599 -------------------------------- -------------------------------- 68 All -------------------------------- 69 Pages 2744-2759 -------------------------------- 70 Pages 2764-2769 -------------------------------- 72 Page 3036-3045 -------------------------------- 74 Pages 3093-3105 -------------------------------- 82 Pages 3516-3525 -------------------------------- 83 All -------------------------------- 85 Page 4263 only -------------------------------- Other documents the EPA refused to produce to the Liquidating Trustee comprise partial or complete technical drawings, scientific findings and other statements that without doubt are factual and not deliberative. In re Subpoena Served Upon Comptroller of Currency, and Secretary of Bd. Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co., , 607 (W. The government "initiated" this dispute by filing a proof of claim — essentially a demand for payment.

In response to the subpoena, Shaw initially tendered copies of the documents only to the EPA and USACOE. Those documents are not subject to the deliberative process privilege and the EPA must produce them. of Governors of Federal Reserve System, ("The ability of a litigant to override a privilege set up by the Government, with respect to an otherwise disclosable document, may itself turn on the extent of the litigant's need in the context of the facts ... Three of the Redland factors weigh against the EPA's privilege claim. That fact weighs in favor of overriding the privilege claim, regardless of the weight given to the government's role in this dispute.

Because the court was unable to determine the agency's privilege claim after reviewing the EPA's original privilege log and the supporting affidavit of Lawrence Starfield, Acting Administrator for EPA Region 6, it reviewed the documents and the privilege log in camera. The documents (including, for ease of reference, those the EPA produced after initially withholding them) are: ----------------------------------- PRIVILEGE LOG DOCUMENT NO. The deliberative process privilege is not absolute, Redland, 55 F.3d at 854, and it does not "protect Government secrecy pure and simple," Klamath Water Users Protective Ass'n, 532 U. First, the documents are relevant to Shaw's investigation and the process of determining the proper cleanup procedure and therefore to the EPA's and Claimants' claims. In combination, the facts support the conclusion that the Liquidating Trustee's need for the documents outweighs the EPA's interest in withholding them.

The deliberative process privilege protects from discovery government documents that are both pre-decisional, that is, generated before an agency policy is adopted, and deliberative, meaning that they contain opinions, recommendations, proposals and other subjective matters. DISPOSITION ----------------------------------- 13 Not privileged ----------------------------------- 15 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 17 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 20-23 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 30 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 33 Not privileged ----------------------------------- 35 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 41 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 43 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 45 Not privileged ----------------------------------- 47-50 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 59-65 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 71 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 73 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 75-81 Previously produced ----------------------------------- 84 Not privileged ----------------------------------- Merely identifying documents that the EPA properly claimed as privileged does not complete the analysis because balanced against the policy of protecting governmental deliberations is the litigants' interest in "free and open discovery." FDIC v. Second, the Liquidating Trustee cannot reasonably be expected to challenge those claims without discovery from Shaw and the EPA, absent another source for the same information. June 8, 2009) (noting that some courts give great weight to the government's role in the litigation in determining whether the privilege applies, but concluding that the role of the state agency involved was not dispositive because it had not filed the lawsuit); E. The EPA filed an unsecured claim for more than ,400,000 in past and future estimated costs of cleaning the Oklahoma Refining Company Superfund Site.

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