Are james lafferty and bethany galeotti dating

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This would’ve been impossible without some pitch-perfect casting.Thankfully, most of the stars chosen were the best actors for those jobs.However, much like Brooke, Peyton evolved quite a bit over the course of the series.The character who left at the close of season 6 was very different from the girl we met in the pilot.She was a complex character and Burton’s performance was a nuanced one.Peyton had a whole lot of drama to deal with on a daily basis, from psycho stalkers to two deceased mothers.

Few who started One Tree Hill ever managed to find a way to quit it.

Peyton and Lucas were finally back together, so many viewers weren’t happy to see him.

However, it turned out that Julian was there to become a love interest for Brooke instead.

After all, much of the drama following the time jump can be traced back to the “will they or won’t they” dynamic between him and longtime love Peyton.

However, Michaela Mc Manus turned in such an uninspired performance as Lindsey that fans struggled to understand how it waswas even remotely difficult for Lucas to choose between them.

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Sure, Felix wasn’t exactly well fleshed-out to begin with, but Copon’s performance never felt believable.