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Posted by / 28-Nov-2020 01:09

So we don't know much about the rumored show yet, but we do know this: Art Boys are having a moment.

They've carved their way into the celebrity dating scene, stealing the hearts of Jenny Slate, J-Law, Sienna Miller and the likes.

franchise has a real opportunity to not just continue re-inventing the same tired old wheel, but actually shake it up; actually get their “most dramatic season yet.” “Some of us are not what you would want to maybe represent you—and that’s fine,” Season eight contestant Remy says early in the trailer.

“But we’re real people and we exist and we deserve to be seen and we deserve to express how we feel.” And, if you’re following a story where love can’t be celebrated in all its forms—maybe, it’s time for a new fairytale.

It's not clear at this point just what exactly the proposals will entail, but something tells me that the show isn't looking to showcase daters who propose going out for dinner and a movie.

has been enough of a hit that ABC has reason to show faith in the new series from the same creator. Whatever happens, I hope episodes don't end on quite as sour a note as the latest season of doesn't have a premiere date set at this point, plenty of other shows do.

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But where is the representation for all those moody, creative types?

In a twist, the identity of the suitor/suitress will be concealed from the contestants. The competition will get more intense (and objective) in round #2, which will be a beachwear round.

The third round will require the contestants to answer the most romantic questions posed by the mystery suitor.

Listen, we’re not here to put *the whole* the blame on the Bachelor franchise. We’ve seen countless iterations of these shows: from dating naked or finding love in the dark to literally being chained to all of your potential suitors.

If there’s a crazy idea, chances are that producers and showrunners have thought of it as a viable way to up the already crazy world of dating.

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