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Ads prior to 2014 are here and they are updated occasionally with address changes or other updates, and now and then released inmates' ads are removed. Please consider befriending any of those whose ads are still here!They may be older ads but they're still seeking pen pals.They need pen pals to keep their sanity and to remind them that there is a world outside those walls that they want to be a part, formerly known as, began as Gabby's Lounge BBS in 1989 and has evolved into a web site specializing in helping incarcerated women find friends as pen pals to help them through their loneliness.Goodman, 30, walked out of state prison with thousands of dollars from pen pals whom he had apparently persuaded to send money, said New York State Police investigator Richard J. One of Goodman’s suspected victims, Harold Williams, 60, found shot to death Dec.17 in his Upstate New York home, had apparently paid a 0 phone bill accumulated answering collect calls from Goodman.Stamps are scarce, too, and indigent women need help with things such as stamps along with their normal hygiene products.

Sometimes they're guilty as hell and have committed major crimes!

Each inmate has her own personal web page that may include as many photos and as much text as she wants.

There is a one time minimal cost for her to place an ad, but there is no cost associated with you retrieving her mailing address.

But sometimes, although guilty, the crimes aren't violent.

Crimes such as using drugs, writing bad checks and forgery, while punishment is in order, don't make these women especially bad people.

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