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Black panthers intemidating voters

This early act of political repression kindles the fires to the burning resistance movement in the United States; soon initiating minority workers to take up arms and form new Panther chapters outside the state.

[otherwise] we will find ourselves entwined in the tentacles of the white power complex that controls this country.” The Basis of Black Power In the beginning of 1968, after selling Mao's Red Book to university students in order to buy shotguns, the Party makes the book required reading. Edgar Hoover, begins a program called COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program) to break up the spreading unity of revolutionary groups that had begun solidifying through the work and examaple of the Panthers — the Peace and Freedom Party, Brown Berets, Students for a Democratic Society, the SNCC, SCLC, Poor People's March, Cesar Chavez and others in the farm labor movement, the American Indian Movement, Young Puerto Rican Brothers, the Young Lords and many others.Armed Black Panthers blocked a doorway to a polling location to intimidate voters in Philadelphia, Pa., according to Republican poll observers.After he saw a Black Panther brandishing a nightstick to threaten voters, a poll watcher called police."Most certainly, we cannot allow these racist forces to slaughter our babies or commit other acts of violence against the black population, nor our black president." Uhuru Shakur, chairman of the Atlanta chapter, said, "We love Barack Obama – he gives our people great hope and light for advancement.Every president America has had has been a white man. Obama is a man of justice and a leader who wants to do right." RELATED: Election Day fraud found all over U. Shakur warned, "We will be at the polls in the cities and counties in many states to ensure that the enemy does not sabotage the black vote, which was won through the blood of the martyrs of our people." The incident is one of many cases of intimidation against people who do not support Obama at Philadelphia polling sites.

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