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Blackcatsdating com

But if you think cats are tricky, fur-covered little demons, seeing one in a dream is most likely a symbol that you are worried that something unpleasant may be headed your way.

Saving a precious lil' kitty in your dream means you're "reclaiming your independence and power." And a dream about rescuing a cat or kitten who's lost on a busy street or highway may represent a desire to help others get on the "right path" in life. And somehow, it's still the reason that tons of awesome black cats get stuck in animal shelters every year. Dreaming of two cats who look exactly the same means that you may need to find better balance between your own needs and the needs of your friends, family, and work — they're a reminder to "remember to take care of yourself and not always worry about others."A dream about a large group of cats could mean one of two things: in this dream reality, you've slathered your legs in tuna fish for reasons unknown; or, more likely, you need to introduce a little more focus into your life.But while having a dream about a cat is common, it's not always easy to understand what that dream means.According to Vanderbilt University professor Volney Gay, speaking to the Huffington Post, There are a lot of religious symbols associated with cats...[c]ats also can represent wisdom or our feral versus domestic selves."Though Gay notes that the true meaning of our cat dreams can only be found by sorting through our personal emotions and reactions to the dreams (and to cats in general), we can all sometimes use some help making sense of dream imagery.Are you specifically feeling threatened by a cat who has more Instagram followers than you? If you dream that your cat is nowhere to be found, you may just be thinking about your own desire to not be tied down.Only you can answer that, but I think we both know that the answer is yes. A missing cat in a dream may symbolize your "need to allow yourself to be free and not let anyone or anything hold you back."Dreaming of a black cat may signal a fear of using and trusting your intuition. If you dream of kitties frolicking, chasing each other, or playing with that little ball-on-a-spring-thingie, you may need a better outlet for your own playful nature.

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Many people believe that cats are a symbol of womanhood and femininity; if you agree, then a dream where a cat goes totally medieval on you could mean that you're having some issues with parts of your life related to womanhood or feminine identity.

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