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The "Show Boat" mess was nearly 15 years ago and this asshole is still obssessed with it.

And he's completely lying about Rebecca Luker not being a nice person.

He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 3.3 years.

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he's as arrogant and sleazy as they come If you people are fans of Broadway and it's Stars...

I would hate to see what the enemies of Broadway would have to say about these very talented people.

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My suggestion is for everyone to get their own life! These are my friends and I am embarassing and hope none of them read these terrible comments that are made here Maryann R78 & R83 are you two pearl clutchers serious?

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  1. It went for the BAD ending (in the game this means that you usually fucked up all the relationships and end up with nobody, or you wind up dead). As I said before, we're quickly introduced to the boring, beat-down harem that forcibly ends up surrounding our chief loser: The moe purple-haired class rep; her purple-haired twin who's the class rep of the next homeroom over; the other moe girl who's missed a year and is now making it up; the moe purple-haired library girl who's as socially inept as a retarded monkey who's been smacked around by a rubber hose for years in a research lab; the light-grey-haired kind of moe girl running for class president (who used to be in a gang but who's "reformed" now); the young and easily excitable ghost who annoys the piss out of me when she's not being stupidly moe; and the dorm mother of Tomoya's best friend and the mother of the retarded monkey girl (those last two I would bet money on that they had at least one hentai scene each in the original game). It's like it's a land of wussy, broken pedophiles who get beaten down by the spiteful women who surround them daily, who can only DREAM of forcing themselves on some moe chick on the subway who won't fight back (the moe who really only exist in their heads and in animated entertainment). So each girl has her own storyline, and each plot thread is less imaginative than the previous (with each girl having something in her past haunting her and needing Tomoya's wimpy guidance to overcome it). And the writers think that they can manipulate sorrow and tears from the viewer with a trick that they use over and over and over again: Make a character cry on screen while playing really sad piano music (piano music like "the end credits to The Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby"). That is the cheapest and lamest shot at trying to wrestle some emotion from the viewer, and it doesn't even work here. Each story could have very easily been told in 2 episodes (tops). And then everybody broke down crying at the ghost girl's sister's wedding.