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That being said, no form is inherently superior to another.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, and the aim is to identify the best email security gateway for the enterprise.

Some products offer comprehensive implementations of these features, similar to what enterprise DLP and email encryption products offer, while others provide only limited implementations that lack many features of their enterprise counterparts.

Usability and customizability are email security gateway characteristics that are hard to quantify. These two characteristics often work in opposition to each other.

All of the email security gateway products provide built-in or optional support for DLP.

Where the forms differ somewhat is in their relative performance and security.

Another advanced detection technique involves the use of threat intelligence.

Threat intelligence is information about current threats -- such as IP addresses of hosts that have been attacking other hosts -- an organization can use to make better decisions about which activities to allow and which to block.

When performing a product evaluation, an organization should identify any such techniques that products offer and ask for more information about the details behind them.

As mentioned in the first criterion, the best email security gateway products offer antivirus, antimalware, antiphishing and antispam features.

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Email encryption technologies are most commonly available for protecting the contents of an organization's outbound email, although some also allow email encryption between its own email accounts.