Catholics against interracial dating liechtenstein dating marriage

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Catholics against interracial dating

The paper adds facts to back up the school's stated stance againstracism. In fact, BJU is now consulting Greenville Technical College in South Carolina on development of that college's interactive classroom program.

Its 1998 Alumni Appreciation Award recipient was a black BJUgraduate, and the school's current student body president is an Asian-American. BJU's six colleges offer more than 100 majors, including pre-medicaldegrees.

Jones also said the university is not anti-Catholic and that those who work and study there “love [Catholics] in Christ.” “There is a wide gulf between Catholic and Baptist/Protestant beliefs,” Jones wrote.

With GOP presidential candidate John Mc Cain's controversialcampaign speech attacking leaders of the"religious right," religion has emerged as the current lightning rod ofthe primary season, and has succeeded in painting Bob Jones University-- a highly-successful, 73-year-old Christian school -- as a pariahinstitution.

While praising the school’s virtues, Jones said, “now we’re being defined as a racist school, that’s all the media talks about.” He said the mixing of governments, ethnic groups and religions signals the coming of the Antichrist — and that the school still stands against that.

“We do not expect everyone to agree with us or like us.

The last two or three generations of students whohave graduated from this institution never once heard a discussion ofthis policy. Materials arealso used in Christian schools throughout the country.

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The cross of Jesus Christ is a dividing line for some.

We don’t quake or blush with embarrassment over the term ‘religious conservatives,'” Jones wrote in yesterday’s ads.

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But the public lynching of thiscollege has created an environment which threatens the freedom for anyindividual or group in America to hold unpopular religious beliefs." Mc Cain uses a line from his speech, part of which has been replayedcontinually by the media since Mc Cain delivered it Monday, as the newtheme of his official campaign website: "We are the party of Ronald Reagan, not Pat Robertson.

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