Celebrities dating basketball players dating loose women nh

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Celebrities dating basketball players

That being said, many of the players on the list have attempted to blame poor performances on the outside stressors that come with dating a Kardashian/Jenner.

Anytime Kanye West has a personal or professional misstep, his legion of fans (myself included) are quick to blame Kim Kardashian for her role in whatever it is.

Below are the players that have been involved with this crop of Internet-favored sisters.

Most of us remember this very public saga, that saw Lamar Odom go from Sixth Man of the Year (2011), at the top of his game, to a Tyrone Biggums-esque fiend and NBA burnout.

The idea of the "Curse" is something that dates back to 2000, when Kim was dating then NFL Running Back Reggie Bush.

Since then it has followed the sisters and their partners like a lingering cloud over their collective careers.

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