Chatid dating error updating firmware 7 5 2 to extreme

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Chatid dating and the ability to control Domoticz via Telegram messages.

In June 2015 Telegram introduced a bot platform:, using this approach there is no need to install any software on your Domoticz system in order to use Telegram purely for notification.

" $Response = Invoke-Rest Method -Uri "$($My Token)/send Message?

chat_id=$($chat ID)&text=$($Message)" Something important before we continue: we can’t send a message to a user that hasn’t start a conversation with the Bot first (you can try once you know the user ID, however, you’ll get an error code 403 – ).

It is this token which would allow you to send messages as the bot using http requests, rather than having to register a new Telegram username using a unique phone number.

Bias will have the amount of MINUTES to be subtracted from Initial Message Date, which is in seconds, that's why we're multiplying by 60 $Time Zone Bias In Seconds = ($Time Zone.Well, of course you can just do it for fun and be able to send a message via powershell. If I look out of the box, I see a possibility to build a (cheap) notification system and/or a (cheap) runbook system.For example, imagine that you’ve got a script running that right now sends you an email once done just to tell you that the script has finished in 30 minutes. Isn’t it handier having an actual push-notification on your phone telling you that?You can easily sort that as the date provided ($ is Unix based (Epoch), so basically the seconds passed since 1/1/1970.Here’s what I’m talking about: And now it looks good: This script will need your Token and Chat ID as always.

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