Chicago dating reciprocal

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Chicago dating reciprocal

To create a reciprocal relationship, both partners need to be able to accept responsibility for that creation.The interdependence of a healthy relationship requires that both people accept personal responsibility.

Reciprocity requires people to be invested in their relationship.Negative reciprocity often occurs when a behavior has had a negative effect on one person and he or she reciprocates with a behavior that has an equally negative effect. Partners need to discuss this sort of exchange and learn how to respond to it thoughtfully in order to prevent it from spiraling out of control.If partners have built an emotionally healthy relationship, they can work it out by themselves.Asking one another to define “respect” is an excellent place to start the discussion.Respect must be reciprocal, and each person needs to be able to articulate when he or she he feels disrespected.

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This can be the most rewarding work a person will do in his or her lifetime. When two people decide to develop a healthy, interdependent, reciprocal relationship, it is wise for them to take the time to talk about their personal value system and what characteristics they believe create a healthy relationship.

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