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The patented designs from a given year or a given decade show the popularity of styles, materials and themes, and indicate the types of findings and the methods of construction being used for the time period.

Prior to the early 1950s, typical necklace clasp styles used by Coro and Trifari were spring ring, push (also known as box), or fold-over.

Oh, the interesting things you find when cruising the Internet!

I happened to come upon information about a traveling exhibit of Madeleine Albright's jewelry collection.

A great example is jewelry manufactured by Hollycraft during the 1950s.

The pieces that were copyrighted by the company were marked with “COPR” (an abbreviation of copyright, used in place of the better-known ©) and also the year as shown in the examples here.

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You’ll learn about the various eras of fashion and jewelry style and design, which helps you to properly identify and date your vintage jewelry.

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Since Hollycraft was not a huge manufacturer like Coro or Trifari, and had a more defined style, this information is not of great use in identifying general styles of the decade.

However, determining findings popularly used is possible.

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