Cocky and funny dating Live interactive sexchat

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Funny guys either come off as creepy, desperate, or great buds the chances are good that you’re not trying to get hot chicks to add you to their “BFF” list, so you need be careful not to overdo the humour thing and come off as a clown to go with it.However, it can make things easier to get started, it can pick things up from time to time, and it offers a refreshing break from the ordinary for women.However, in between confidence and arrogance lies a weird gray area that is known as cocky.As long as you are using this personality trait in combination with being funny, you’ll get great success in your interactions with all kinds of women.You have to find the right balance between that attitude and the humor so that you can come off as a fun, interesting person to be around.Women don’t need more men who lack conversational skills or who are too intimidated and insecure to approach them.Women are constantly hit on, talked to, and complimented by nice guys.

If she asks you what you do, you come up with the most absurd thing that you can think of, and deliver it with a straight face. Often a woman will challenge you after you say something cocky and funny, to see if you’ll pull back, say you were just kidding, or make some other display of weakness.

The aim of this text is to playfully tease the girl so that you can start to build sexual attraction/tension before meeting in person.

The bad news is that if you failed to build enough rapport with her and didn’t spike any attraction, the likelihood is the number she gave you is either a fake or she just won’t respond.

Give her something different to appreciate about you.

Being cocky and funny can work in any situation, as long as you practice it well.

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If you’re just being funny, you’re being a clown – and women may like clowns, but they don’t sleep with them. Signs of effective cocky/funny material are a woman hitting you while laughing, or smiling while saying, “I can’t believe you just said that!