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This user is configured with the expected permissions required, but additional permissions may be required if your repository design deviates from the expected structure.

When you request the page, output cache is queried for that key and the cached version of the page is returned.

By default, the cache version of the page is recorded using the page base URL.

However, when you want to view the details of a content item on the page, the page HTML changes, and it makes sense to cache this version of the page as a separate item in output cache using a new key - the content item URL (the combination of the page base URL and the content item URL name). Each page can have multiple cache variations, depending on whether it has content items that can be displayed in details on it, and any paging or filtering that is applied to the widgets on the page.

Whenever a page, or its template are modified, the page's compilation is invalidated and should be precompiled.

This is the slowest part of the page rendering process.

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See the “Flushing from AEM 5.6 Publish Servers” section below for how to set up On Trigger Flush Agents.

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