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Consolidating databases access

Global drug product repositories exist as well [23–25], but they either do not provide means of getting the data in an open format, or are locked behind a pay-wall.Additionally, some of them provide data for drugs registered in countries from specific world regions only, or solely provide the name of the drug product in a specific country.3) Make a copy of the database, and do the following in the copy until we get it to work. 4) Create a new module, and paste the following code Public Function get Field Names(tbl Name As String) As String 'BUILDS A STRING CONTAINING ALL THE FIELDS IN A TABLE get Field Names = "" Dim db as database, rs G As Recordset, k As Byte set db = currentdb() Set rs G = db. Open Recordset("SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [" & tbl Name & "];", , db Open Snapshot) For k = 0 To rs G. Count - 1 get Field Names = get Field Names & "[" & rs G(k). Close Set rs G = Nothing get Field Names = Left(Trim(get Field Names), Len(Trim(get Field Names)) - 1) End Function Public Sub append History() Dim db As Database, c SQL As String, tbl Name As String Dim response As Byte, i As Byte Set db = Current Db() db.execute("DELETE FROM [HISTORICAL];") For i = 0 To db. active ingredients of drugs, and not actual drug products which can be bought by patients.Various mobile and web applications [18–22] contain information about drug products, but the data they use is country-specific and is not available to the interested parties in an open format.

Using the linked nature of the dataset, we demonstrate its ability to support advanced usage scenarios in the drug domain.I've used Access pretty basically for the last couple of years, and I'm slowly trying to get a bit more advanced.I'm attempting to consolidate multiple tables with similar information.However it has been some time since i've dealt with Access at this level. Pick through all your tables and standardize the column names (if one table has Cust ID and the other has Customer ID, choose one and use it everywhere).Same with column datatypes (if Cust ID is datatype Text in one table and datatype Number in another, choose one and use it everywhere). Name response = Msg Box("Append data from " & tbl Name & "?

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Accessing comprehensive drug and healthcare data on the Web can be a challenging task.

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