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The form asks basic questions (name, social security number, date of birth, address, etc.); what loans you do and do not want to consolidate; and what repayment plan you will be using.

There also is a section detailing certifications, terms and conditions and borrower’s rights and responsibilities.

The Federal Direct Consolidation Loan program starts with filling out an application and promissory note at this site.

You will need your loan records and account statements.

The market for consolidating and refinancing student loan debt has exploded over the last five years.

Online lenders So Fi and Lend Key have jumped to the front of the line among newcomers who are becoming big players in a business that traditionally was dominated by banks and credit unions.

When you consolidate student loans through private lenders, you essentially are refinancing your loans.

These are private loans where credit score and other conditions are weighed in.

Most of its clientele are graduate students and those with law school or medical degrees.

The average approved borrower has an income over 0,000.

It is quite common for people with student loans to deal with 10-12 lending institutions, which means 10-12 payments and 10-12 due dates each month.

When you consolidate Loan consolidation for student loans was created to make it easier for millions of borrowers to pay off their debt.

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If you have a tremendous job that pays really well and no dings on your credit report when you leave school, you could find a lender willing to give you a break on interest to get your business. well, it never hurts to ask All federal and private student loans are installment loans and considered good debt because it represents an investment in your future.

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