Custom excel function not updating laws on mandating ny

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Custom excel function not updating

A volatile function will be recalculated whenever calculation occurs in any cells on the worksheet. Non-volatile functions are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change. Let's take a look at an easy example to explain this a bit more. Open the Visual Basic Editor and click Insert, Module. Now you can use this function, just like any other Excel function. To change this, open the workbook, select the "Formula" tab (Alt M), then click "Calculation Options" and the select "Automatic". I think this can happen when you end up with different data types in the fields in the given range.

After that, click on the cell and paste your formula into the formula bar and hit enter. Without knowing what those other three macros are doing, it would be hard to speculate what operation is causing it to hang.Set a breakpoint early in your function, then call the function.The function works as intended because it had the desired effect in my worksheet this morning.However, I've come back to the sheet to continue working on another area to find all the cells containing the function showing "VALUE! I've tested the function by calling it from a subroutine and putting the function result in a msg Box - it returns the expected answer. Any suggestions welcome as I'm really not sure what the solution is (as you'll see from the code, I've tried using volatile to no avail so I commented it back out).

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Create a function called MYFUNCTION which returns the sum of the selected cell and the cell below this cell.