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If you browse around the menu for a while the memory usage keeps climbing and climbing until eventually, for me, it hit 1GB and then the tab crashed in chrome. The worst offender seems to be data tables but that's not the only page that causes the leaks.

I'm guessing page Set Up() introduces some as well because there seems to be a lot of initialization code which happens on each route change but no cleanup.

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No known carriers of Emily's mitochondrial DNA have taken an mt DNA test and no close relatives have taken a 23and Me, Ancestry DNA, or Family Tree DNA "Family Finder" test.

The way it works, AJS copies the newly loaded content to another container which sits behind the current content, it then fades out the old content while fading in the new, it executes the javascript functions for the new page before the old content gets removed.

If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

You can modify the code further and save/load widget settings via datatabse which might give you more control. You just need to close the default Wrapbootstrap iframe in order to see the history properly getting inserted. But after a while the number in the circle is recalculated to a extreme value (-123232% of 29328%).

Is there some kind of javascript recalculating values? Regards, Tim Hello, Please upload or send me the raw HTML file for your first question so I can see what the issue is.

I am using php version as a template and the form (form-options.php) Registration form. If possible it would be better if you extended bootstrap's grid with better visual styles but leave the widths as they are.. Do a search for ".mp3" and you can change the names of the ones you like The built-in method:1.

I have a problem in validating using the "select2" class. unless you plan to implement the above boostrap functionalities. where/how can I add my own sounds or change the sound for each individual smart notification? When declearing the call method you can specify the sound name in the settings "sound_file: 'your_sound_name'," (there needs to be an mp3 and ogg versions of the same sound file) The override:1.

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Thanks, My Orange Cyates, I have logged this to our bug tracker, please email us directly via the profile page or through email provided in the docs for any future issues. One question though: How can I change the top border color on the active tabs (defaults to a blue color)?