Dating 1970 ludwig drums

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Appice’s main order included a 12×15 rack tom, 16×16 and 16×18 floor toms, and an additional 14×22 used as a floor tom.Bonham’s kit included a 12×14 rack tom (a custom size unavailable in the 1970 catalog), 16×16 and 16×18 floor toms, and an additional unused 9×13 rack tom.

The depth of Bonham’s bass drum has been a source of heated debate and was my main reason for meeting up with Thompson.

The Great Paul Thompson Thompson was among many drummers who became an instant Bonham fan after dropping the needle on Zeppelin’s self-titled 1969 debut album. “Here he was standing in front of me, telling me he liked my playing,” Thompson recalled.

But it was actually Bonham who noticed Thompson inside the lobby of West Hollywood’s infamous Hyatt House (aka the Riot House) when Roxy Music stopped there for a spell while on tour in the U. “I was on the ceiling.” Later that day, Thompson was invited up to Zeppelin’s suite, and he flew with them to their next show on their private Boeing 720 plane, the Starship.

The first documented appearance of the kit (as a four-piece configuration) is from a four-day residency in Boston beginning on January 23, 1969, at a venue called the Boston Tea Party.

The drums made it through a grueling 200-plus-date tour that went into the summer of 1970 and included the recording sessions for the band’s second album.

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