Dating a full figured woman

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Dating a full figured woman

That is, nicely filled out and sensually appealing, voluptuous.

Of a woman: buxom and shapely, with broad hips and lots of sensuous, womanly curves (as opposed to a twiggy, androgynous, stick figureed waif)Of a man: broad-shouldered and barrel-chested and often muscular (big and butch instead of a willowy pretty boy)Kate Winslet, famously full-figured, once said "I'm not a twig and I refuse to be"."Full-figured" does not mean "fat", per se, just a nicely filled and sensually shaped figure: nice, shapely legs; broad-shouldered and barrel-chested men; broad-hipped women generously endowed in the butt and breasts.

However, I want to be frank and non-euphemistic, and I'm concerned that people are interpreting my 'full-figured' term as deceptive, akin to someone saying they're curvy when they're really just fat.

Given the choice, I'd strongly prefer to put my body type as 'fat', but the BBW label they have on POF would also be acceptable.

In fact, I got more compliments on my bigger butt than I did on my tiny perky butt.

No matter what you put they're going to get a picture in their mind of the same fat chick.If they really care that much then they aren't worth your effort. I find the term distateful IRL but it's the Internet gold standard. I received a message the other day from a girl who labelled herself as "athletic", when she was clearly on the bigger side in her pictures, to put it lightly. I've found girls are really hit or miss on self-identified body type.The last two I consider deceptive - I AM actually big boned, but it's not like you could tell because um... It doesn't really matter what someone puts as their body size, I'm going to go look at their pictures, and honestly, if there are only face pics I'm going to assume they're hiding something. I just take a look at their photos, see how recent they are, and figure out if 1) they're my body type or 2) there is a progression towards my body type.So, I am a fat woman and the body type options on Ok C are terrible.Thing is, I don't want to put 'overweight' because although it's true, it seems like kind of a negative/masculine term to put on a dating profile on which I'm selling myself.

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Anyway, my 2cents is to put whichever descriptor you like best, and just make sure to have a least one recent, full body picture - and put a date on it.

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