Dating a guy just out of a long term relationship Webcam chat sex free 1 on 1

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Dating a guy just out of a long term relationship

Not rushing that but you guys have given me the re-assurance that it's all about how you feel."One thing I will say is don't not go out with someone just because you just got out of a LTR." I think that is key. After reading these replies I got a smile on my face. my rule of thumb was 1/2 the relationship length to FULLY get over the previous relationship.

i had a relationship of 4 years, dated comfortably after about 5-6 months.

Keep in mind that that isn't necessarily a bad thing since it helps keep you distracted during the grieving process.

Sometimes a few days if the ex did something terrible wrong to fuck me over, but sometimes a few months because of how it ended. Take it slow and just go when you are ready for it. After I got out of a 2 year relationship I had the typical empty feeling so I tried to fill it with the first girl I started dating afterwards, about a month or two after I got out of the LTR.

Rule of thumb: One month for every year you were together.

Anything earlier is a rebound and will likely fall apart as you heal.

Some of my friends thought I was rushing things, but I wasn't. But if I hadn't been ready for that breakup I would probably of not been ready near as fast.I've felt alone for the past 2yrs with the ex.I'm enjoying this attention I just worry I'm not emotionally sound yet. I just got out of a 8yr relationship about 2months ago. Told her I wasn't looking for anything serious and I'm worried I'll get caught up in it. You really are the only one who can answer the question, are you ready for another relationship? Sometimes just seeing a different perspective helps. Depends a lot on whether you were ready to go, who you meet and whats going on in your life... I have been ready to go, feelings were all dead and it was fine to be with someone quickly thereafter with no residual effects. Other times I wanted time for me and that was fine. I understand its not a helpful answer, but its all I have :)Appreciate it.

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I think the healthier dating usually starts after 3-6 months.