Dating a prs ce22

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Dating a prs ce22

I have been doing my research on PRS serial numbers pre factory etc but i am at a bit of a loss.

I do collect guitars mostly acoustic, Taylor etc however i live in Qatar in the Middle east, and last saturday the local Rugby Club here raffles off guitars (please this is not a joke), i bought one raffle ticket which cost me around 8 dollars and won the guitar.

Thanks for your time, i look forward to your reply, regards Rich thanks for your time. cant see it on the guitar anywhere only the serial number.

The guitar i won came without a case and any certificate so i am a bit in the dark on this one.

Another problem with either the 24 3/4" or 25 1/2" scale-length instruments is that if somebody grew up on a short-scale guitar, they wouldn’t play a longer one and vice versa. And while he’s talking about measurements, Paul wants to clear the air on fretboard radiuses.

Be Good, kcbuck Hi, i emailed PRS and this is the reply, are you still able to help RE valuation of said guitar?

thaanks in advance, regards Rich Hi Rich, Thank you for writing PRS Guitars.

The reason I didn’t go all the way to 25 1/2" is because Hendrix and SRV were tuning guitars down to Eb or D because the strings were too tight when tuned to pitch.

So it was an based decision, not a compromised guess.

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