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The apartment was on the first floor of the Khrushchyovka. Of three hundred photos I could find at least five which would deserve attention. All the rest – the lighting failed, the arms and legs were cut, the composition was curved…Almost half a year passed after all those events. But there are more serious frauds with Ukrainian dating websites.The apartment is renovated, very light and comfortable. We go into the living room, which also serves as a study. Without sarcasm – in any way, but my good manners do not allow. Katya works as translator in one of international marriage agencies of Poltava, Ukraine.At the meeting he did not see that it was another girl, so spent with the girl a few days.

But more and more Ukrainian agencies appeared with each passing year and it seems there will be no girl in Poltava, who would not have been registered on one of them.

There is a question going round in my head, namely how much percentage wise of all women registered on the site is that, but I keep quiet. A question immediately rises of whether we will communicate with men.– No, no! For half an hour I, painted and almost unrecognizable, and Tatyana were brought by car of Tanya’s husband to a specially rented apartment. Consequently, most of the information written by the girls is fiction. The most important thing in this business is to get more letters from men because for each letter the agency receives some money, and translator – a percentage.

Our translators communicate with men, only on your behalf. We have made a new photo shoot for her, and now she travels every month abroad to meet with men. A promised “professional” photographer was Tanya’s husband Roman. We worked two hours and I changed five dresses in the toilet that served as changing facilities. And the girls, according to Katya, do not wish too much to meet foreign men.

The latter did not very interest, but the offer to receive the absolutely free professional photo session won.

Besides, I have already heard a lot about principle of operation of these agencies, and know that except photos the girls do not get anything else, and it is not any matter of foreign husband. For registration on the site a copy of Ukrainian passport is required, so I have to take it along.

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The idea is not new, but thanks to high-speed Internet it got terrible speed.

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