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Dating an atmos 528 6 clock

In terms of price, most Atmos clocks cost under 10,000 euros.However, some cost more, such as the Atmos Réédition.Seeing as most complications require massive amounts of energy, Jaeger-Le Coultre forwent extras on the Atmos in favor of a smoothly running clock.One exception is the version with a moon phase display at the six o'clock position; it costs around 6,500 euros.

The Atmos is Jaeger-Le Coultre's mechanical table clock with a torsion pendulum.

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These clocks were wound with two mercury filled glass vials.

You can purchase one of these clocks in good or very good condition for 2,000 euros.

The Classique version (reference number 5101202) has a dial featuring Roman numerals and is available for around 5,000 euros.

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