Dating disasters

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Dating disasters

I had my book with me and about 30 minutes to kill.NOTE: Please note that NOWHERE in the story so far am I looking for a date or even trying to talk to other people around me.Jon starts dating a woman named Monica, unaware that Monica may have ulterior motives for their relationship.In a park, a woman named Monica and her boyfriend Morton are out dating and are about to express their true love.Meanwhile Garfield and Odie are spying on them and Garfield is surprised that Monica would want to go out with him.

That night, Jon tells Garfield and Odie about Monica asking him on a date making Garfield suspicious.Monica's dad; a construction worker crashes the date and chases Morton away. Monica's father insists Morton does not deserve her and wants a perfect man for her to date.She insists that no man is perfect for her father and decides to date a dork to prove herself to him." because normally I just pick-up dinner and head home. I said no, I'll stay this evening and he put me at a little table by myself. ) I walked to the laundromat, got my laundry out of the dryer, and walked a mile around my neighborhood with my laundry bag on my shoulder before going home, just in case I was being followed.

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