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The output is a work item, adopted by the ETSI Membership.

A proposal for a work item may come from inside or outside the Technical Body.

The drafting usually takes place in a small team (Rapporteur Group) led by a Rapporteur. by exchange of documents via the ETSI Doc Box server and LISTSERV email exploder facilities.

When the draft by the Rapporteur Group is considered ready, the draft deliverable is handed over to the Working Group (when it exists) for approval.

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The whole ETSI organization is in one way or the other involved in either operation of the SMP or in direct or indirect support of it.

The main technical activities are performed in the Technical Bodies of the Technical Organization.

The identification, definition, approval and adoption of work items are the main elements of the conception phase (even if work items may have been envisaged already during the inception process).The input to the process is an existing (as yet known or unknown) market need for standardization.The output is the broad application of the produced deliverables in the market place.[drafting - pres part of draft - to make a preliminary or tentative version, sketch, or outline (as of a literary composition or other document)] A work item in the ETSI Work Programme is intended to lead to one (or more) ETSI deliverable(s).A Technical Body is free to organize its work in any way it wishes, within the rules of the Technical Working Procedures, including create Working Groups to which the tasks of drafting parts of the Technical Body's work programme are given.

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The Technical Body may approve the work item, if at least four ETSI Members volunteer to support the work.