Dating for bipolar venus dating golfer

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Dating for bipolar

Tell them how you tend to behave when you’re getting manic or low and enlist their involvement.”If they don’t react well, try to challenge them.

“If you really like or love this person, it migth be worth exploring why they’ve reacted how they have.

She had several break-ups because of her condition and it would take her a full decade before she felt comfortable disclosing it.

Now she has a partner who’s been by her side for five episodes.

The person may go from depressed to a manic state, or may experience other shifts in mood that affect the person's ability to function.

People who have bipolar disorder often have a hard time sleeping.

If you can articulate it in a way that makes sense to you, you’ll both feel more in control.“Do it in a pragmatic, straight-forward way,” says Dr San. If so, answer any questions they have and maybe give them an idea of how they might care for you if you have an episode.“Think about how you might tell someone you have a physical illness, and do it that way. “Tell them your relapse plan because over time, this person should share your experience with you and have a role in it.To get beyond my own experience, I chatted to a few other women who’ve dated while bipolar.Liz was diagnosed in 2003 and she never used to tell anyone she dated.

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“If you get into deep conversation on the first date, that’s not too soon.