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You can expect the same simple, safe and easy-to-use experience whether you’ve got an i Phone, i Pad, Android phone or are using Stitch on a Mac or PC.For a lot of women, a man in uniform means a man they can trust. He is most likely a West African, posing as a soldier, from an Internet cafe in Ghana or Nigeria.They’re looking for retirees, widows especially, who have some money.Just today I looked on Facebook and I found three people with fake profiles with my last name and my pictures.

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But the truth is, if you meet a soldier on a dating website, who says he’s serving in the Middle East, he is probably not who he says he is.

That’s what Joint Base Lewis Mc Chord Army Major Gordon Hannett says.

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And they scroll through dating websites, constructing fake profiles for stunning women, hoping to cash in on gullible Western men.

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  1. But it was true – all the people I knew with that name (and it was the ‘80s, when Stacy was in the top 100 girls’ names, so I knew several) were female. And of course there was Stacey Mc Gill, my favorite character in In my mind, Stacy was a girls’ name. And now, it’s hard to imagine that a male was ever named Stacy (but I mean, if you’re a dude named Stacy, no offense).