Dating game man play

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Narcissistic men tend to seek out partners who are easily dominated and controlled.

Having poor personal boundaries or being a "people pleaser" may also make you more susceptible.

If you don't know by now that dating is a game, you are either in denial, or you're the world's most hopeless, romantic sap (with a lot to learn). The men who have “game" have their ways of playing, and the women who have “game" have their ways, too. She is who she is, so you can either take it or leave it.

She doesn't flinch if she finds out your ex was a model or CEO.

While some men play games out of fear of commitment or rejection, others may lack empathy or a desire for intimacy.

She's the girl whose love life resembles more of a calculated chess game than an abstract, "What the f*ck is happening? She doesn't compare her physique, achievements, age or status to other women.

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Dating a man who plays games can leave you exhausted, confused and unsure of where you stand.

You don't, however, have to give up your own power by allowing such a man to control the situation.

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The girl with game knows she doesn't have to chase a man.