Dating graflex

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Dating graflex

These represents the width of the 4 curtain apertures.

The first one is 1 inch, the second of an inch the next 3/8 of an inch and the fastest aperture is 1/8 of an inch.

The construction of the back makes that plate adaptors can not be fitted. The construction of the very rigid camera, which is made from lock jointed mahogany, covered with Persian Morocco leather, created a surplus space on each side of the camera converted into film storage pockets, each carrying two rolls of film.

The overall condition of this 100 years old camera proves that it is all together it is a huge, solid and very reliable camera. The lower spring loaded roller of the horizontal focal plane shutter was ingeniously placed under the mirror case thus reducing the height of the camera house. Pull the bed down until the bed braces snap into the full locked position.

4 - Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar Series Ic f= 4,5 - Cooke Lens Series II f=4,5.

The Graflex is a single-lens reflex camera, first produced in 1898 in New York, N.

Press down the braces and close the hinged bed door.

The following lenses were available with the 3A Camera: Zeiss Kodak f 6,3 no. Comparing to the camera, the lenses were very expensive.All the advantages of the reflex camera together with the fact that in those days the 3A film was regular obtainable, made this camera very popular with the press and was present on the battlefields of world war II.The 3 x 5 film was also known as 122 film or postcard film size. The first series distinguish from the later model only by an offset in the rear of the body under the film track and the lack of the autographic feature. The 3A Graflex was manufactured by Folmer & Swing at that time a Division of the Eastman Kodak Company, from 1907 until 1926 as one of the first cameras equipped with a mirror and a horizontal cloth focal plane shutter.

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The focal plane shutter still works perfect after 100 years without any repairing, cleaning or lubrication what so ever. To open the camera press the hidden knob on top of the lower left side on top of the camera. Swing the front standard lock out straight and pull the front firmly against the infinity stops and lock this position by turning the standard lock to the left.