Dating healthcare workers

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Dating healthcare workers

There are only 3 recent reports of nosocomial transmission of mumps in the published literature.In all 3, none of the control measures instituted appeared to be highly effective in preventing onward transmission.More information for health professionals, including the form for reporting cases is available.

Clearly the best way to prevent such incidents is by maintaining high vaccine uptake in the community.The risk of staff members introducing mumps or being affected during an outbreak can also be reduced by screening (either by history or by antibody testing) and vaccination on recruitment.Most older health care workers (born before 1980) are likely to be naturally immune to mumps, but may require if they have not already had 2 doses.There are currently no recommendations for excluding women from such settings for the following reasons: There may be specific circumstances that make the risk to a pregnancy of contracting mumps higher for particular individuals. There is no evidence, that we are aware of, to support the use of human normal immunoglobulin for contacts of cases as this has not been shown to have any benefit.There is no evidence we are aware of that pregnant women are at any higher risk of complications of mumps than other adults and no specific treatment other than supportive is recommended.

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