Dating holidays russia

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Dating holidays russia

There are some holidays that fall on the same day every year, and some that change depending on the church’s calendar.

- On this day in 1755, Empress Elizabeth endorsed a petition to create a new university in Moscow, leading to the founding of Moscow State University.

Men celebrate the Soviet Army Day on February 23, whereas women celebrate Womens Day on March 8. This sacred holiday pays homage to the fallen Russian soldiers who died in World War II.

A Russian festival occurs nearly every month of the year. One of the main Russian festivals is a week-long event called Maslenitsa - the equivalent of a Russian Mardi Gras.The event usually features traveling choirs dressed in traditional costumes and various folk games including tug-of-war, stilt-walking and pillow-fighting.A traditional game involves men climbing a 40-50 foot wooden pole in only their underwear!Russian holidays represent an eclectic mix of religious and secular occasions.The Russian New Year is the most celebrated holiday, but many Russians also celebrate Mayday or Spring and Labour Day.

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Most Russians consider New Years their favorite holiday.

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