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A fair bit of kissing/making out (often during the dark-encounter scenes that are viewed via infrared camera) and sexual innuendo.

Some conversations deal with levels of sexual experience. Parents need to know that this dating series -- in which men and women choose prospective partners without actually seeing what they look like -- has a fair bit of kissing/makingo ut and sexual innuendo (including discussions about looking “sexy” and some brief conversations about prior sexual experience).

Other episodes include sketch artists drawing contestants' impressions of each other.

After the one-on-one dates, each contestant can choose to invite another that they wish to see.

" /Couples must choose whether personality is more important than looks -- and those who choose looks over personality aren't celebrated here.

Still, physical attributes are frequently discussed as both a good and bad thing.

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At the end of each episode contestants get a chance to see each other in the light of day, and decide whether or not to pursue their relationship.Three men and three women are sequestered in separate wings of the house, unable to have any conversation or contact with the opposite sex unless in the dark room.Initially, all six contestants have a group date in which they all sit at a table in the dark room exchanging names and getting to know one another's voices and personality types.Will it be love at first sight, or will they leave alone?In this unique reality show, three men and three women are picked to live in a house shrouded in total darkness and tasked with undergoing various dating activities.

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Six daters get to know each other without seeing each other, giving them a chance to like the person for their personality first and not their appearance.