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If it's not, tickets can be collected free of charge at Real Russia's offices in Moscow or St Petersburg or they can be sent to any address worldwide. Booking tips: Look for a train marked Firm if there is one.Firmeny trains are the best 'quality' trains, with modern coaches and good on-board service.On the best 'firmeny' trains you can often buy kup tickets with or without 'service', meaning with or without bedding and meals included. There are 54 bunks per coach, arranged in bays of 4 on one side of the aisle and bays of 2 along the coach wall on the other side of the aisle.

Most long distance trains have a restaurant car serving drinks, snacks, and inexpensive full meals - reckon on less than 7 for two courses and a couple of bottles of beer. There is no need to worry unduly about security on Russian trains, even for families or women travelling alone.By all means buy tickets at the ticket office if you're flexible, but Russian trains can get fully-booked so it's good to pre-book if you want a specific date and train.Russian Railways offer online booking but it's only in Russian, so it can be worth the extra to quickly and simply organise your Russian rail tickets in English.It accepts some overseas credit cards, though not all.It may currently reject US-issued cards, though perhaps not all.

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It's twice the price of travelling kup, although you get twice the space per passenger, so it's recommended for those who want extra privacy and space and who can afford it. On the best 'firmeny' trains you can often buy tickets with or without 'service', meaning with or without bedding and meals included. Washrooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor.