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After my last break up I made a conscious decision: romantic and sexual celibacy. Whether we Fling or do FWB, both options have an up side: sex with a real, live person; a sense of intimacy even if sheet shallow; a way to pass the time if we’re bored; a potential expanded social circle (more so with FWB); exercise and release of feel good hormones that uplift the spirit and reduce stress. Being honest with ourselves and others also helps people decide if they want to move on to their next connection sooner. Sometimes, what seems perfect on paper isn’t right simply because of timing.

You win if you procreate (especially if it's a girl, inherent victimhood = more gov't money, more money = greater potential partners for procreation! You win if you have the best experiences, and post them on facebook to make everyone else jealous.Now, I'm lost in the void and on the healing process of my broken heart. but now I must really let you go…you're just poison to my heart and chaos to my soul…So, about the Friends with Benefits thing having an expiration date and the fling not having one, I find that either 100% backwards OR firstly realize every relationship has an expiration date.if only I've read this before…I fell in love with this guy and I thought he's serious…I even lost my year of celibacy to him.Why can't he just tell me he only want FWB…how could he?

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Their only value is in what meaning you choose to give them, which is ultimately just the value you give yourself and what you think you get out of them. As soon as there's a national DNA database they mandate everyone be a part of so they can always find you to tax you and force you to take care of your kid, or use as some sort of means of deciding if you can/can't procreate, then feminism might matter.

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  1. The duo called it quits again in January 2018 and have stayed apart ever since; although it can’t be guaranteed that this is the break up that will stick, especially as they’ve both decided to remain friends.