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Dating political differences

Now, she is hard at work on a second book, which she expects to release in 2019.

This next book will compile her greatest success stories throughout her 28-year career and identify the things that made these singles succeed in their relationships.

Innovative Match, Cassie’s boutique matchmaking company, is on a mission to bring people together, even while current events continually drive them apart.

Cassie is working hard to bridge this divide by persuading her clients to keep an open mind as they search for love.

“The impact I want to have is for people to read these stories and come out of it with a new thought process,” she said.

“I want singles to look at themselves and the decisions they’ve made and get back on track.” A growing number of singles in the last year have let their political biases affect their dating decisions, and matchmakers across the country have had to adapt their matching systems or coaching consultations to keep singles from getting in their own way when it comes to romance.

Dating sites and apps often lead singles to make snap decisions about one another, and Cassie said those superficial judgments have become a systemic problem in the modern dating scene. It’s your partner,” she said “Love is huge, and people are making very fast decisions about each other and not giving each other a chance.” Cassie said her matchmaking firm is about slowing people down and giving them a full picture of who someone is.The polarization in the US has impacted the dating scene as a growing number of liberal and conservative singles refuse to cross party lines when seeking a date.Modern daters often don’t feel like they have to settle because they have so many options available.Even in the midst of unprecedented political polarization, Cassie said she has hope that resentments will fade, prejudices will subside, and singles will realize that love is more important than politics.Hayley is the Editor-in-Chief of Dating News, and she handles editorial schedules, interviews, social media, and partnerships, among other things.

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