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Health Education - 318-6196 Teaches people how to prevent unnecessary illness and improve their quality of life.

Through Health Education, one learns to avoid risky behaviors and make healthier choices.

(Does not cover Medicare Part B.) The program offers free clinical breast exams and/or pap smears and mammograms based upon age and program guidelines.

Presentations about breast and cervical cancer or the program are available upon request.

Breastfeeding Services - 318-6753 For breastfeeding education and promotion.

SERVICES OF THE RANDOLPH COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Animal Control/Animal Shelter - 683-8235 The purpose of the Animal Control program is to control the spread of diseases such as rabies.

Referrals for at risk children may come from any community program, medical doctor’s office, WIC, DSS, or anyone in the community.

School Health Services - 318-6164 The program provides a link for Randolph County students and health care.

School Health Services collaborates with school nurse services through consultations, referrals, etc.

for children in the Randolph County School System and Asheboro City Schools. Test and treatment for sexually transmitted disease is offered Monday - Friday from - a.m. HIV testing and counseling is offered by appointment.

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