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Dating separated man forums

If I were looking for a *serious relationship* right now I would probably feel differently. It's a big red flag that he's not done with his marriage and looking to attach quickly to someone else... I dated a "separated" man for 8 months and he was talking about moving in together. First, there are a lot of cheating husbands out there who, unbeknownst to their wives, like to claim they're separated.Time itself doesn't seem to have a lot to do with it, near as I can tell. And if he's still married, married, he has a pretty elaborate screen set up. (Or so the story goes.) They legally separated back in March. Our calls this week have been more focused on how much he likes me, how much he's thinking about me, etc, rather than on getting-to-know-you stuff. From filing to finalization, MY divorce was 3 months. I know a lot of people who didnt have a drawn out divorce. she would always come back and theyd try to rebuild. But shouldnt we be more concerned with the nuts and bolts of who we each are, rather than the hearts and roses of the chemistry?? Or is he maybe not as ready to start over as he thinks? Sure dating is difficult, but there are way more promising options out there than this guy who might be separating, or not.It's just likely that with more time, someone has dealt with the issues they need to address. Some people suffer as much with their grief 10 years after the passing of a loved one as they did the week after the death.Others, will feel their feelings and work through their grief in a much shorter period of time. And yes, to your original question - I think we should all be cautious with men who move too quickly... But, it's more likely that he is trying to jump from one relationship to another without dealing with things - and that is a definite risk. It has actually worked out for him (despite years of pain and hard feelings), but it was not a healthy thing to do.Some people would've thought he wasn't ready for something serious so quickly. She and I were in our early thirties and he was in his mid-40s. She has a white-collar job, but the pretty typical low-level office job a lot of us millennials have.

However, if you are looking for something long term, then maybe take a step back and wait to see how things pan out. It is perfectly natural, and both genders function like this.BUT, despite all of these things, I believe they are still together.I cut myself out of the loop long ago, but it's one of those things where if they weren't together, I'm positive someone would've mentioned it to me.And I think he genuinely thinks he's ready to start over.It remains to be seen, though, if thats actually the case. No, I agree that it may not be as much about the time but the work that you do to deal with the feelings during the time.

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She already had an apartment from the last 2 times she moved out. It's highly unlikely that a relationship with him at this stage would survive the emotional turbulence that follows as he processes the end of his marriage, spreads his wings and plays the field to figure out what it is he actually wants, etc.