Dating sites that accept paypal

Posted by / 15-Sep-2020 23:56

Dating sites that accept paypal

Online dating is not an exception, quite a few companies are betting on crypto in an attempt to lure more users.We’ve found 4 great online dating services that are accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Bitcoin payment option was initially available in Italy, Spain, and the UK, later they expanded to additional 20 countries, and the list is likely to grow.If this sounds intriguing to you, we’ve recently wrote a post on Luxy.Feel free to read it to learn more about their services.A-List premium subscription costs .95 a month which is 0.0027 BTC, according to conversion rates at press time.Badoo This Russian-founded, UK-based dating and social networking site enabled its 200 million users to pay with Bitcoin in January, 2015.

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Its users have a minimum yearly salary of $200,000, while over 40 percent of its income-verified members earn at least $1 million per year.